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Cost Control

• Your team up-skilled in a day

• Your business saving money immediately

• Your Cost Culture improved with learning

A training course to help you and your team deliver economic projects and operations

Course outline

Companies need to deliver flawless and operations and get value from every dollar to survive in the current market.

Cost reduction adds immediately to the bottom line and is a critical leadership skill.

This course guides you through techniques to manage cost in projects and operations. It gives you skills to understand the complexity of the system, to see what is happening and to know how to make tactical and strategic changes to improve.

It is especially designed to help project managers and senior operations managers to lead effectively in a competitive market.

Modules in this course cover the following subject:

The complex environment

Learning about the context where cost control is operating is a critical lesson. Underestimating this complexity will put your project at risk. This module will help you plan for you project with this context in mind and you will have more success in controlling costs.

Visibility and Timing​

In a perfect world everything would happen at the same time, you would do something and immediately be able to see it. But our systems fall short of that. This module will help you understand what you can see and hoe you can see it. You will gain situational awareness that will make a difference to your project costs​

The Structures of Cost​

Cost sources and flows can be controlled once you understand them using a disciplined approach. Understanding the mechanics of cost in the system allows you to address any issues as they arise.​

How to fix common problems

Recurring issues can be improved to make the operation more predictable.
Removing them reduces the noise and makes things easier to understand and control.​

Negotiating better deals​

It is important and possible to add value and reduce cost through discussion with internal and external customers/suppliers.
Negotiation can happen at any time and the real aim is to exchange comparative value.​

Restructuring to improve​

Structural changes often achieve the highest degree of cost reduction. but they are also resource-intensive. They can shift the envelopes you work within and set you on a longer-term higher value capture program. This wok is more strategic and can shift your competitiveness to whole new level.